“I found a camera…”

You might have seen irenicdonna‘s message in your travel through the Flickrverse.

“I found a camera, 2 months ago, which I handed in to the police. It’s not been claimed so they’ve now given it to me. It’s a nice camera and I certainly don’t mind keeping it but I as the photos include a stag night and then some European travel I thought they might be somebodies honeymoon photos.”

With direction from the Help Forum and Scotland group, progress was made. Here are a few highlights of the fruitful investigation from the Scotland group:

“Is it ok if I pass a photo onto some friends? I was brought up in Aberdeen and by the looks of it they live in the west end of aberdeen. A bit older than me but perhaps someones older brother or sister might know.” —Sandy—

“Like Sharkey I recognised the Rubislaw Quarry and on Friday drove past it to confirm. Drove around for a wee while, just on the off chance, and at one time was only one street away from Forest Ave….that’s just like the thing!” aberdeen_sandra

“I was out all day and drove down the street in number 008,. The early photos ie the ones with the girl holding a dog, I am 99% sure were taken from in front of 61 Forest Avenue, Aberdeen. The trees in the photo’s, the buildings opposite, the traffic signs and lights all match up. “ Mr Kael

“Success!! Thanks everyone. I have now spoken to the owner of the camera! Despite constant teasing from family (which made me more determined) the camera, and contents, is to be reunited with its owner.” irenicdonna

“Hello everyone! I’m the guy who lost the camera!!!!! Irenicdonna, your efforts are truly amazing. I don’t know if there are many (or enough) people in the world who would do what you’ve done. I can’t thank you enough. My wife and I do indeed live in Aberdeen (with our wee dog ‘Moe’). The pictures are from trips to Rome and Brussels, my little sister’s wedding, and lastly, a hillwalking trip with friends through the Highlands, Isle of Skye, and Glencoe. We didn’t know the camera was lost until it was too late to retrace our steps.” nickfilippelli

You can read the read the full discussion here.

We here at Team Flickr would like to thank irenicdonna for never giving up on trying to reunite the found camera with the photographer. You rock!

Thanks to ColleenM and Szmytke for the tip.