5 Questions for Minas Papadopoulos

selfportraitIn this installment of 5 Questions, we interview Minas Papadopoulos (as suggested last week by Susan Mac — if you missed her interview, please check it out).

Minas’ moving studies in black and white have inspired the following:

There exists this place, a sort of bipartition, a dichotomy between the Appolonian and the Dionysian. That gray area between the black and the white. In this place dwells the mind of Minas Papadopoulos…SkyShaper

a continuous mind flowing blues of perception. a very personal and subjective work, having no idea at all with what he will come up next.reconstruction

Sometimes as a pragmatist, other times as a contemporary surrealist, Minas ferrets out the Truth and Soul in his portraits and possesses a unique artistic charisma…Εύα

1. Minas, we know it’s a tough question, but if you had to pick just one camera to shoot with from now until the end of time, what would that be?

Minas: I wish I had a straight answer for this one. I use all the equipment I can get my hands on and surely have a shopping list of cameras I want to try and buy. Thus far, the camera that treated me the best and rewarded me with some of my favorite pictures, is my Yashica Mat 124G.

2. Another (possibly) tough question… Tell us your favourite photos on Flickr, and why you like them. First, a favourite from your photostream?

Minas: When you feel that time stops, the voices mute and all feels right.

And from another Flickr member?

Minas: I love this photo by Stavros. I have the privilege of having a darkroom print hanging on my wall. No words can do justice to it.

3. What’s one tip that you would share with someone who’s just picking up a camera?

i mr brightside

Minas: Don’t try to channel your beliefs, thoughts, emotions to your shots before even raising your camera. Shoot constantly, persistently, everything that catches your eye. At the end of the day, do your evaluation, choose the shots that apply to your aesthetics and save them to mind as patterns for the next photo excursion. As you keep shooting, you will realize that, subsequently, the world and you, become one in the photos. You see your favorite photographers speak to you through your images, you choose your themes, your aesthetics evolve and everything else comes natural. Its like learning a new language.

4. When we interview peeps for employment here at Team Flickr, we always ask: “Kittens, babies, sunsets or flowers? Pick one.”

Minas: Kittens!

5. Which Flickr member should we ask these 5 questions of next?

Minas: karton kutuda shot zımbırtısı — once you open her treasure chest there is no return.

Heather: Minas, thank you. It’s been a pleasure. We’ll be back soon with the next installment of 5 Question when we interview karton kutuda shot zımbırtısı.

Photos from minαs, StaPa, milky-brown, and karton kutuda shot zımbırtısı.