Great Scot!

Glasgow Exhibition

Mar Lodge, group in the doorway of the smoking room including the Prince and Princess of Wales

We’d like to welcome the National Galleries of Scotland to The Commons on Flickr today, joining with a diverse sampling from its collection. There are 7 sets showcasing 107 photos (to start) currently housed in galleries across Edinburgh: Scotland’s National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art and Photography Collection.

The release includes some photos of the landscape and architecture from around Scotland, such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, captures of historical moments, such as a visit from the Prince and Princess of Wales …As well as some “Great Scots” like the famous writer Robert Louis Stevenson, whose works include the widely know Treasure Island and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as well as the Skye Terrier, Greyfriars Bobby.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Greyfriars Bobby

Enjoy! And a big thanks in advance to everyone who contributes tag, adds a note, or posts a comment for helping improve the data in the Galleries’ catalog!