Where’s Michael?


Michael popped the question in Washington on Inauguration day. (Mazel tov!) The next day, he posted the following query in the Inauguration 2009 group:

A total longshot, but I wonder if someone on flickr has a picture of my fiance and I, when I proposed to her. It happened right after Lowery finished speaking, on the West slope of the Washington Monument.

If you were taking a picture of the Lincoln Memorial (from the Monument) at the end of the speeches, we might be in it. Post a link to this thread, eh? … Total longshot, I know. Thanks!

Well, the Flickrverse loves a long shot. It only took a couple of days, but egoody came through:

After the final speech

I did find you! I can’t see your fiance, though- it looks like you are hugging her. Look in the center of the picture- you’re facing toward the white house, but to the left of the Lincoln Memorial.”

If you were there, you might want to look through your photos and see if you can spot Michael and his fiance too.

Photos from whileseated and egoody.