Bits and pieces

A few bits and pieces from the Fickrverse and beyond:

“How Bay Area phenomenon Flickr has managed to create a feel-good route to photographic fame and fortune (or at least a few hefty checks in the mail) and turn scores of isolated amateurs into a network of admired professionals.” Awesome capture, San Francisco Magazine

“If you’re not using Flickr yet, then you’re really missing out. Not only is it a great way to store and share your photos, but it’s also an excellent place to get feedback and learn from other photographers.” How Flickr Can Make you a Better Photographer, Digital Photography School

after the rain   Cranes And Flowers

Beautiful sets: sweet juniper’s Life on the urban prairie, Maya Newman’s Tel-Aviv, and Jamie Mellor’s Redscale

“A similar stigma exist for people who use Flickr which is equally as foolish. It always amazes me that photographers would shun the largest community of photography enthusiasts on the web simply because they don’t understand how to navigate the social ecosystem.” Flickr Stigma, We can shoot too

[flickr video=3373880713]
(No Pomeranians were harmed in the making of this video)

“New Zealand’s stupid new copyright law that would cost you your Internet connection if you were accused of copyright infringement three times (without proof of any wrongdoing) is officially dead. Massive, global interest in the law, as well as a series of savvy Internet- and meatspace-protests convinced the government to climb down off the ledge that the American movie and music companies had lured it onto.” New Zealand’s stupid copyright law dies, Boing Boing.

Photos from EllenJo, Maya Newman, and Jamie Mellor.