The National Library of Wales is our 26th Commons partner!

"The smithy" Chapel Lawn

Sheep-dipping New-Radnor


Please join us in welcoming the National Library of Wales, established in 1907, as the 26th Flickr Commons partner! The National Library, which exists to collect, preserve and celebrate the heritage and culture of Wales, joins with 126 photos in 3 sets, a sampling from a collection of over 800,000 photographs.

Included are 100 photographs from the P B Abery collection, taken between 1890 and 1940 in Radnorshire, the border area of Wales and England. There are some fun photos – such as this dog smoking a pipe – as well as classic pictures of churches and chapels, townlife in Newtown, and agriculture.

Enjoy the photographs — they’ll be uploading more soon.