Nearby on Your Phone

A screenshot of the new Mobile Nearby

We’ve always liked the idea of showing you photos taken in a particular place; for example, here are some photos taken at or near the Flickr 5.25 party.

Today we’re bringing that ability to the smartphone mobile site. For those devices that support it (currently Android and the iPhone with the new 3.0 software), the Mobile Nearby page will figure out where you are in the world and show you photos that have been taken in the same area.

Use this to explore your neighborhood, or find the best places to photograph local landmarks from. Reload the page as you walk around a city, and see the things that have happened there in the past. You’ll see a place through the eyes of the flickrverse.

The best way to get started is to head over to where you’ll see a new link — “Photos taken nearby.”

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Ross Harmes

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