Common Ground 2009

Step right up! You’re all invited to a new global event, Common Ground, the first community curated meet-up of The Commons fans! Hosted by some of the amazing institutions that make up The Commons on Flickr, these meet-ups will take place around the world… and you can help make it happen.

Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

Common Ground 2009

What is Common Ground?

Common Ground is a global meet-up celebrating and sponsored by many of the institutions within the Commons on Flickr. This event will consist of a projection onto the participating Commons institution’s building at night (or suitable day-time location) using a slideshow of content from The Commons that is curated by you, our community (Yay Flickrverse!). This event takes place on October 2nd and 3rd, 2009, across the globe.

Making The Commons on Flickr go live through a connected slideshow, you will get to participate in the world’s first crowd-sourced curation of publicly held archives, released with No Known Copyright Restrictions!

Where can I go to see the slideshow?

Each participating institution will post details on their event in this discussion thread in the Flickr Commons group. To discuss this unique event, plan your participation, and even offer to host an event, please check in there.

How can I help?

Visit the Common Ground Curation Center to choose your favorite Commons images for the slideshow. Every Commons’ institution will be represented in the slideshow, with the choices selected by you, the Flickrverse.

Where can I learn more about The Commons?

The Commons is a program with two main objectives: To increase access to publicly-held photography collections and to provide a way for the general public to contribute information and knowledge to these collections.

Tompkins Sq. Park

Common Ground 2009

Photos from George Eastman House and National Library of New Zealand.