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Berlin November 10th 1989, Brandenburg Gate

Berlin November 10th 1989, Brandenburg Gate

Berlin 1989, Fall der Mauer, Chute du mur     20 Years Fall of the Berlin Wall - 9th November 1989

Berlin 1989, Fall der Mauer, Chute du mur

Private travel into foreign countries can be requested without conditions […]. Permission will be granted instantly. Permanent relocations can be done through all border checkpoints between the GDR into the FRG or Berlin (West).
— Günter Schabowski, November 9th, 1989

These were the words – broadcasted live on TV – after which the German reunification took it’s course. People in East Berlin moved to the border crossings and demanded immediate opening. Finally, the border guards gave in and a new era began that culminated in the reunification of Germany.

Photos from fiahless, VivaoPictures, and annette_lozinski.

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