Flickr, Flickr, Everywhere

Flickr has had a very busy week with Apple, Microsoft, and Google announcing great integrations with Flickr, all within a few days.

Microsoft’s Blaise Aguera y Arcas demo’d an amazing spatial search at TED that uses Flickr photos spliced into Bing Maps. Letting you see a photo in context, in the world. You can see a few samples by clicking on the images above (To see the integration you will be asked to install the Silverlight plugin). The announcement blog post has a must-see video of the Photosynth in action (and here’s another blog post on how to get your photos in there).

City Hall by Jamison, on Flick3

Anna's Hummingbird by Mat Honan, on Flickr


As for Google, they released two great integrations: the first is with Google Maps, which browses nearby Flickr photos in the street view (below). Also, Google Buzz brings in the latest Flickr updates.

revolution @ 3248 22nd by TR4NSLATOR, on Flickr


Also! For those of you who love iPhoto but need the extra tools in Aperture, now you can upload directly to Flickr from both.

Photos featured in the maps above from Jamison, Mat Honan, and TR4NSLATOR.