Hello, India!

It was back in June 2007, when we launched Flickr in 7 additional languages, localizing in 15 countries. Today, that number has grown to 22* with India being our most recent addition last December.

To celebrate, we’ll be hosting three regional events. Please save the date:

Delhi, April 16th    Bangalore, April 21st    Mumbai, April 23rd

Whether you can attend or not**, please share a photo in Hello, India!, a companion group for our events. As with our previous events, photos from the Flickrverse have been a highlight of the evening. The full details are available in the group.

Race...! (Explored)

Kerala - Tea by the Lake    Future

Photos from $aintVikas, j.fisher and anu1243.

* Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

** We’ll keep our fingers crossed.