Make a magazine via sets with MagCloud


The good people over at MagCloud have launched “Upload from Flickr” which enables our members to easily make magazines from their Flickr sets.

Once you authenticate against your account, you can access a set and MagCloud does the rest, skipping the tortuous design program part.* Woot! I’ve made a couple of magazines and it really is that easy.

Check out their blog for the “Upload from Flickr” announcement. Oh, and enter the coupon code “FLICKRFRIEND” when you check out to receive 25% off any copies you purchase between now and 31 August 2010. Feel free to share this coupon code with one and all.

Photo from brianfling.

* Designers, I love you — no hate mail, please.
(Disclosure: My husband is a consultant at MagCloud. There was no promise of dinner or those Kate Spade pumps I’ve had my eye on for writing this post.)