Printing other people’s photos is back!

Your Mom, co-worker, BFF, and more can once again print your photos on Flickr. Even better, now that Snapfish is our printing partner, they can order prints of your smiling face from anywhere in the world. (This was previously available only to people in the U.S.)


You control who can print in Your Account. It’s set to “Only you” by default. We’ve saved your settings from before so if you’ve already told us to allow others to print, well–they still can. Just a reminder, you can allow any Flickr member, only contacts, or only people you’ve marked as Friends/Family to print.

If you’ve got feedback let us know over in the help forum.

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Zack Sheppard

I'm a native Nevadan. I currently work at Flickr as the Senior Community Manager, and I also do training, and some writing there. I love information, but I love people above all things.