Welcome Cornell University Library to The Commons!

Home economics building around 1913-14.

Cornell University Library joins The Commons today with a splash of content from across the globe, including geo-tagged photographs from Iceland, Mexico, America and England (click to see the maps).

They’ve also got terrific collections of Human Ecology, chronicling life at Cornell through the years, some harrowing train wreck images and a broad international catalog of architectural photos. Congrats to Big Red on their entry into the Commons!

Wrecked Bridge and Coal Cars

Mexico City. Metropolitan Cathedral

Klaksvik. The whale head wall. Skulls of globiceps.  River above Eyjafjörður.

A hay train (heylest).

A jar market in Corea

The Commons is the world’s digital photographic archives which you can annotate; add Cornell as a contact and pass some information along to them as a part of the historic record.

Photos from Cornell University Library.