DOCUMERICA: The World Trade Center

Overlooking the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, the Towers of the World Trade Center Soar Skyward to a Height of 1,350 Feet 05/1973

The U.S. National Archives presents historic images of the then-newly completed World Trade Center in lower Manhattan, from May 1973.

Wil Blanche’s DOCUMERICA assignment took him to New York City and Westchester County where he took pictures of landfills, water pollution and the rapidly changing Lower Manhattan skyline. Among his photographs are images of the newly completed Twin Towers of the World Trade Center – U.S. National Archives.

Towers of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan Seen From West Street, 05/1973 Historic Trinity Church on Lower Broadway at the Foot of Wall Street. Behind Loom the Towers of One of Manhattan's Newest Giants, the World Trade Center 05/1973 The Newly Constructed Towers of the World Trade Center Seen From the South Side on West Street 05/1973

Manhattan Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry 05/1973    World Trade Center (Left) and Lower Hudson River Shipping Seen From the Staten Island Ferry 05/1973

On the Staten Island Ferry, Looking Back Toward the Skyline of Lower Manhattan. To the Left of the Cluster of Buldings Are the Towers of the World Trade Center 05/1973

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Photos from the U.S. National Archives; hat tip to Indicommons!