Your Best Shot 2010: Spelling it out




L'anarchie c'est je    

Please, just let me go.    
Ugliest four letter word in the English language...

STOP - Instax Windows     [one-hundred-twenty-one] an utterance of thanks

Over 11,000 photos have been added to the Your Best Shot 2010 group so far! Be sure to check out the group pool to see some more of the remarkable captures from the Flickr community taken this year.
If you’re still agonizing over which is your own best shot of the year, you might be interested in heading over to this discussion thread.

Photos by Martinho, van mundegaarde, joemiller1, TheYoungDylanWaitsInTheCave, bellelovely, Cydneyrai Theresa Thompson, Slightlynorth and Exuberant Zest.