Your Best Shot 2010: Curate your own!

We’re glad to see everyone is enjoying the Your Best Shot 2010 group pool as much as we are. In particular, we’ve spotted some brilliant Your Best Shot galleries curated by Flickr members in this discussion thread (started by Flickr member essisofia) and we thought it was high time that we show them off on the Flickr Blog. Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

Yellow by Lissa**

old boots    
We Were Drawn From the Weeds, (Explored)

holga sunflowers 
abstract 2010-07-14 
I'm glad you could join me 
a cup of orange juice in the morning. EXPLORE - #100 
Bald Eagle

The Beauty of Bokeh by essisofia

天空舞台 重曝    

 Bubbles and bokeh 1 
Falling Bokeh! 
Un Bokeh Parisien (5968) 
all stars 
Christmas Bokeh 
Gradient sunset bokeh

Shipwrecks & Abandoned Boats by TPorter2006

Losing Track    
tuag at y golau (explored)

 Point Reyes 9 
Shipwreck, Motueka #2 
Wrecks of time 
The Shipwreck Coast 

It’s fun and easy to curate your own gallery with the theme of your choice, if you’ve never created one before just check out out this FAQ for info on how to get started and head on over to the group pool. Be sure to share your galleries in this discussion thread, as we’ll be featuring some of the ones that catch our eye on the Flickr Blog over the next couple of weeks.

Go forth and curate!

Photos by Liis Klammer, Janneke (icantakeastand), A Hui Hou Photography, oblivion head, Rick Payette, gomattolson, Tom Cooke, Supervliegzus, BLUETUNNEL, Darius twin, Nick Harris1;, ☞..-=|Åß|-|¡.☜, Rubin Pedro, flenilune, DoktaSpydey, Sweetsop, Lloyd England, i.m.j., philectric, aduncanator, ra64′, Mazda6 (Tor), Oleksa Haiworonski and locko75.