Cyclone Yasi hits Australia

Antipodal Cyclone Watching

Yasi     0202 Cyclone shelter

Here we are waiting and hoping.....

Cairns Esplanade     yasi leftovers

Cyclone Yasi storm Damage - More to come in next few hours

One of the most powerful storms ever recorded in Australia pulled houses apart and snapped power poles as it ripped across flood-sodden Queensland state Thursday but didn’t kill anyone. […]

Hundreds of houses were destroyed or seriously damaged, and homes of thousands more people would be barely livable until the wreckage was cleared, officials said.

The storm was […] carrying ferocious winds up to 170 mph (280 kph), flood-inducing rain and tidal surges that sent waves crashing ashore two blocks into seaside towns along a coast known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.Yahoo! News

You can find further photos of the cyclone and its effects in the advanced search for yasi after February 1st.

Photos from Amy Freeborn TFT, thelastname, melomys, wildphotos4u,, squirrelfood, and robstephaustralia.

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