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For those of you who are new to Galleries, simply put – they’re an awesome way for you to curate a selection of up to 18 photos from other Flickr members. A single photo of a man sleeping may be just that. But when you surround it with other photos that intrigue you, it can create a search for inspiration that’s more than the sum of it’s parts.

Here’s are just a few of our favourites:

Why I Love Polaroid – A gallery curated by angies.

“A truly inspirational camera. Truly inspirational photography.”


Brooklyn Bridge, 2008

♥ Gavino ♥
beautiful jessica
morning shade farm
light catcher

In Search Of Inspiration… A gallery curated by Trapac

“These are the people/streams where I am most likely to seek refuge for photographic inspiration and motivation.

I’m paying increasing attention to images of people, because that’s where I am headed photographically…but I remain predominantly interested in film and experimental film techniques as the vehicle to achieving that.

Everyone here is contributing in some way towards that end. Thank You. :)”

Sleep  olympus xa2 - young lady in street


London, August 5th, 2009
Shallow grave

I Am Superman A gallery curated by pennylrichardsca

“From which I learned that, in general, kids like the red cape; adults like the shirt-ripping pose.”

365:2:271 .. Waitin' for a Superman  Supermen =Pp

Day 243/365 "Keep your cape clean..." (Explore!)
My Secret Identity.
Trick or Treat
my little superman
el sub comandante Tortilla
Asheville NC - Killing TimeHey there Clark...140/366

It’s all about celebrating the creativity of our members and sharing what you see when you browse Flickr. We know everyone experiences photography on Flickr in very different, unique ways, and we love that galleries give us all a fascinating opportunity to see the site through someone else’s eyes.

Thank you to our generous, sharp-eyed members who have curated Galleries so far. Selecting only 18 photos from a pool of nearly 6 billion photos is a brave task, we salute your curatorial judgement! You can explore more of their work Explore / Galleries or check out the Flickr Galleries group. If you’d like to get started and create some of you own, go to your first chosen photos and select the “Add to a gallery” link within the Actions menu or head to our galleries FAQs for more info.

Lastly, we’re happy to announce that as of earlier this week, we’ve introduced a new way to enjoy Galleries in Light box mode. Just look out for the ‘Light box’ option at the top of any gallery, and we’ll drop the lights as you enter the gallery.

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