Finding friends & family in the Commons

Louise Jorgensen in Indian dress (LOC)

The Library of Congress notes, “Ballet students claimed their teacher


Spike Kelly (LOC)

pennylrichardsca notes, “Another family reunion through the Commons–two grandchildren of the same boxer meet in the comments section!


May Bradford welding part of the all Australian monoplane for the England-Australia air race, 1934 / photographed by Sam Hood

pennylrichardsca points us to the comments on the photo above where several relatives have commented!


We previously highlighted a discussion thread where Lú_ asked if anyone had found family or personal connections in photos from the Commons on Flickr after finding one of her husband’s relatives. Well members continue to find long lost relatives and above are just a few more examples! Check out the full discussion thread here and make sure you wander through The Commons yourself to see if you find any familiar faces.

Photos from Library of Congress and State Library of New South Wales collection.

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