New contact photo views + a keyboard shortcut guide!

Today we’re launching a couple improvements to the Flickr experience. More views for your contacts recent uploads page and giving you a way to see all the shortcuts with the press of a button.

More views for photos from your contacts

The first part of today’s launch adds a lot of new features to the Recent Uploads from your Contacts page.

  • Selectable photo sizes, so that you can view square, small, medium, or
    large photos
  • Keyboard shortcuts, so that you can navigate quickly through pages of
  • A light box, so that you can enjoy your contacts’ photos large and

Press ? to see keyboard shortcuts

Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work adding keyboard shortcuts to commonly used actions on the site. The photo page redesign alone introduced over a dozen shortcuts to make it easier to do things like navigate through a photostream and add a photo to your faves.

Starting today, you can press the ? key on any Flickr page to see what keyboard shortcuts are available.*

Different shortcuts are available on different pages (i.e. the photo page, a set page, photostream) and we show the shortcuts available for the page you are on. Fancy!

* No need to hold ‘Shift’ when you press ?. Just press it and we’ll give you the guide.

If you have any feedback or have found a bug with the new shortcut guide let us know in the forum.

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Zack Sheppard

I'm a native Nevadan. I currently work at Flickr as the Senior Community Manager, and I also do training, and some writing there. I love information, but I love people above all things.