Celebrating World Photography Day 2011

happy world photography day!  019. happy world photography day.

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August 19th is World Photography Day

World Photography Day Ideas-4    I Refuse

World Photography Day 2011    August 19th, celebrate photography

World Photography Day!

It’s fitting that the photos being uploaded for 2011 World Photography Day are from (and of) photographic implements of all types. Digital cameras, film cameras, cameraphones, and apps.

Join in by uploading a photo you took on August 19th and tag it with worldphotographyday.

Photos from ryuheihotoke, Rantz, tania.neves, Sibokk, Hmoong [FILM only], Halloj världen! /Inger, SDN-Photography, WhishingOnAsTar!, The Original Trouticus, Beardie Dog, W.C.W.S., Eddy Rodrigz, and ashley.powershot.

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