200 million Creative Commons photos and counting!

We are proud to announce that – thanks to you – we now have 200 Million (and counting) public Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr. This makes us the largest CC photo repository in the world!

You can browse and search those CC photos by license, or find exactly the one suitable for and available to you by using advanced search, ticking the CC checkbox, and searching for whatever image you are looking for.

Spring in New Zealand

kim cathers   Love and Distance

Out of date

Shinjuku skyscraper light trails : Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan / Japón  Colorful geometry  Soyuz and a Winter View of Earth (NASA, International Space Station, 01/05/11)

sweet escape  nua:voldria dir-te


If you would like to take part in CC and provide your photography under a less restrictive license than "All Rights Reserved", familiarize yourself with Creative Commons, and apply a CC license to you photos, by either changing your default license upload setting or an individual photo’s license under "Owner settings" on any of your photo pages.

Creative Commons photos above from Abaconda, kk+, Lushbunny, Jsome1, Lost in Japan, by Miguel Michán, Ric e Ette, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, Tea | Seatory, paul (dex), visualpanic, and Ikayama.

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