It’s Ada Lovelace Day!

Women in Science

For Women In Science 2011 - Kuweit City  foursquare Hack Day 2/19/11

For Women In Science 2011 - Berkeley, California

     Women's History Month at NASA (201103160021HQ)        Mary Blade, standing at blackboard        100309-F-7515R-038

Jane Blankenship Gibson  US Navy Cryptanalytic Bombe

Day 88 - Sea of information

building  Women In Science and Technology Program

Elizabeth Lee Hazen (1888-1975) and Rachel Brown (1898-1980)

Ada Lovelace, who’s full name was Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, lived in the 19th century in London. She is known to be the first female programmer, as her notes to Babbage’s analytical engine contain what is considered the first computer program, making her a symbol for women in technology.

Please join us in honoring all women in science and technology! We also invite you to pay Finding Ada a visit, if you want to find out more about Ada Lovelace Day, or would like to contribute.

Photos from M.Hallowell, Eric RAMAHATRA, foursquare HQ, nasa hq photo. Smithsonian Institution. Official U.S. Air Force, brewbooks, GillyFace, kicsi paprika, and bcchronicle.

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