Child labor in the beginning of the last century

Messenger boy working for Mackay Telegraph Company. Said fifteen years old. Exposed to Red Light dangers.  (LOC)

Marie Costa, Basket Seller, 605 Elm St., Sixth St. Market, Cincinnati. 9 P.M. Had been there since 10 A.M. Sister and friend help her.  (LOC)  2 newsgirls.  (LOC)

Pin boys in Les Miserables Alleys, Frank Jarose, 7 Fayette St., Mellens Court, said 11 years old, made $3.72 last week... (LOC)

In its new set Child Labor & Lewis Hine, the Library of Congress showcases the works of investigative photographer Lewis Hine who portrayed working and living conditions of children in the United States between 1908 and 1924.

His photography aimed at supporting the National Child Labor Committee’s efforts of promoting the “rights, awareness, dignity, well-being and education of children and youth as they relate to work and working.”

You can read more about Hine’s work in the set description, or contribute to the information available for individual photos by leaving a comment on the respective photo page.

Photos from The Library of Congress, founding member of The Commons on Flickr.

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