Dog shaming

37/52 - The Smellier the Better :) *Explore*

37/52 - Professional Toy Destroyer

37/52 - I'm sorry!

37/52/2012 - No animals were harmed in this photo.   37/52 My name is Zappa and I have a problem...   37/52 compulsion   For Shame 37/52

37/52, Dog Shaming   37/52 - Lucy's Shaming...   37/52 Dog Shaming   37::52

When illona posted a photo challenge for members of the 52 Weeks for Dogs group last month, she picked the concept called dog shaming and defined it as this:

“…where a photo of your dog is taken with a ‘billboard’ of sorts, describing their shameful behavior.”

Her fellow photographers obliged with a slew of entertaining dog-shaming pictures that expose the true personalities of their not-so-domesticated canine pals.

Photos from Kirstyxo, Arctic Blue Huskies, Dogloverlou, nonbooty, ZapperDoodle, huckleberryblue, agilestandard!, voteforbear, bivoir, meg price, and Una06.