Miniature fakes

faux tilt shift miniature

Downtown Crossing-tiltshift

Snow storm in Montreal

Tiny people take Tamarama


Jazz/Cavs Tilted

Tilt-shift photography, often made with a specialized lens, lets you put an area in focus while blurring other areas and distorting the photo’s perspective. One awesome side effect is at play in the above photos — toy-sized basketball players gathering on a court; mini-people enjoying a sunny stretch of beach. We’re used to seeing such a short depth of field in the photographing of tiny things. When this effect is applied to subjects that are actually far away, they appear strangely miniaturized. Ta da!

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Photos from anniedaisybaby, Light Up The Night, Wally Baba, Aliceblueblazes, Dr. RawheaD, and ovalspleen.