This week in history from The Commons

Photograph of First Archivist of the United States R. D. W. Connor Receiving Film "Gone With The Wind" from Senator George of Georgia and Loew's Eastern Division Manager Carter Barron, 1941

Mrs. Sidney Berg (LOC)

NASNI Historical Archive 044

Skating, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, January 31, 1877.

January 25, 1914

While we rush further ahead into an increasingly futuristic world, it’s worth remembering the incredible resource we have in the The Commons on Flickr. There you’ll find some of the world’s finest historical institutions, who continue to add photos that give us a glimpse into times long past. The photos above were taken between January 25th and February 1st, in years all the way back to 1877.

If you’re eager to do some digging of your own, try doing an advanced search for a particular date range in the past and limiting it to Commons results. This one took us straight back to this week in 1945.

Photos from The U.S. National Archives, The Library of Congress, San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives, Brooklyn Museum, and National Library of Ireland on The Commons.