#FlickrFriday: Defying Gravity

sunny Glasgow hover-boarder  [explored]

Defying Gravity   Matches   Hard Way Home

Spin it, magistern!

27 - April - 2013 -- Defying Gravity   Defying Gravity   Gravity-Defying


28 - April - 2013:  Aisha defying Gravity - [Explore]   superhero   Defying Gravity

defying gravity

# Last Flickr Friday we asked you to capture something in the moment that it’s Defying Gravity.

We loved the physics-flouting submissions that turned up for this theme, from wonderful examples of levitation shots, to leaps and bounds shot in mid-air. The more interpretive photos featured architectural feats and illusions of anti-gravity. Don’t miss all the contributions in the Flickr Friday group pool, and stay tuned for our next theme that we’ll announce bright and early tomorrow!

Photos from gerard ferry, unoforever, convergingphoto,petertandlund, krissen, reway2007, mswickedmonton, unslugged, Patty Maher, Ash if, Amerikajin, Denzil Jennings, and gypsymarestudios.

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