Rebooting The Commons

We are once again accepting new registrations for The Commons, Flickr’s photo collections from our awesome institution pals all across the globe! To celebrate, we’re launching two new institutions today:

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland:


Ballycastle Quay   Sinton   Busy street-market scene   D1422_B76301_M_07

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) is the official place of deposit for public records in Northern Ireland. PRONI hold millions of documents which relate chiefly, but by no means exclusively, to present-day Northern Ireland.

Deseronto Archives:


RATHCO-08-05   2009.32   CAMPM-06-17

Deseronto Archives looks after documents, photographs and other materials relating to the town of Deseronto in eastern Ontario, Canada. Deseronto was a major centre for the lumber industry in the nineteenth century and the site of two Royal Flying Corps pilot training camps in the First World War.

Hooray! If you’re an institution and are interested in joining their ranks, sign on up!