Spring wildfires in California

Springs Fire, Newbury Park May 2013

Encroaching Firestorm

The Springs Fire II


Camarillo Brush Fire

Kern County Fire Bell UH-1H N407KC on the Springs Fire

Water drop - Newbury Park, California - May 2, 2013

Here’s a photo tribute to all the brave firefighters battling recent fires that threaten thousands of homes and lives this spring.

In Southern California, firefighters expect to fully contain the latest wildfire that’s scorched 44 square miles of mountainous territory by this afternoon. According to investigators, arson was ruled out as the cause of the fire and an accidental roadside ignition may have initially lit the blaze, which is one of over 600 wildfires endured by California so far this year.

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Photos from Code20Photog, G.Chamberlain, jdmuth, G. Reaper, Have Fun SVO, and Sergio Antonio Martinez.