Falling rain

Red Umbrella

Boy   Rain Dropped

Cold Rush

Magic   Fallen

Jersey City Raining, Exchange Place Jersey City Historic Downtown : In Explore

  Rain from below (Berne, Suisse)

and from that second on...

As the calendar flips past Spring, we wanted to take a moment to share some stunning rainy shots. Trekking out into a downpour is not everyone’s idea of prime photography (although the aftermath is always a field day for macro shots). But some find a way to capture the moodiness of rain while it’s still falling, and often with a healthy side of bokeh. If you’re looking for even more atmospheric photos of inclement weather, check out the Rain in the city, Fog and Rain, and It’s Raining groups.

Photos from Jonathan Kos-Read, Mikael Colville-Andersen, bitzcelt, mumphalee, alina.♥, Slavin@ (back), Poonam Parihar, Kevin_Morris, Frederic Mancosu, and Megan Caros.