#FlickrFriday: 97 Percent

14 - June - 2013 -- 97 Percent

97 Percent



Pizza anyone? Nom, nom,

FlickrFriday #21: 97 Percent Ripe...

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #97Percent.

A lot of creativity went into this (admitted) head-scratcher of a theme. Some of you took a topical turn and highlighted the 97 percent of climate scientists who agree that manmade climate change is real. Some of you showed us all but three percent of something, or found dials and meters at the exact time they read 97 percent. There’s all of the above and more to explore among the wonderful submissions in the Flickr Friday group pool.

In case you haven’t spotted it yet, we’ve announced the new Flickr Friday theme #UpClose in the group. Might be time to get out those macro lenses or find a subject that would otherwise have gone overlooked. A selection of your shots will be showcased right here on the Flickr Blog late next week.

Photos from reway2007, GhostGums, Rémi. P., Ajdobbin, crossword_steve, and elPadawan.

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