‘Roid Week 2013, July 15-19

benched   birds are back...

"We started POLAROID WEEK to celebrate instant film. We also started it as a project — to see what new and interesting things we could do with instant film; and to challenge ourselves to produce some really great work."‘RoidWeek 2013

100% Refrigerated Air   The Old Mill

195.365 | in front of gulu gulu cafe day 1, 'roidweek 2013.

This week is ‘Roid Week! The rules are simple. In a nutshell: Instant photography only, one or two photos a day, for five days. Join ‘RoidWeek 2013!

Get inspired and check out what ‘roid week looked like in the past three years: 2010, 2011, 2012.

Photos from james m, Thomas Böttcher, Kilgore Trout (leicamaster.), m_houmann, sidemtess | linda, and journeyswithasimplegirl.

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