Stunning sea slugs

Felimare villafranca



Peltodoris atromaculata

Glossodoris sp.

There’s nothing dirty about being a Nudi Lover. We found that out by visiting the * NuDI LoVERS * group, which contains a photo pool of sea slugs — or more scientifically known as nudibranchs. With over 3,000 species of them, the soft-bodied mollusks come in many variations in seemingly limitless shapes and colors to mimic their surrounding sea-bottom plants and coral reefs.

Once you see one, it’s hard not to explore more. Their bright neon hues and flexible forms will bring out the inner nudi-loving in you, and plenty of underwater photographers have kindly share their portraits of these amazing sea creatures.

See, and share, more snapshots in the Stunning Sea Slugs gallery and Nudibranch group.

Photos from Joao Pedro Silva, MerMate, fredgarvinphotos, entitu, PacificKlaus, and René Cazalens.