#FlickrFriday: ArtNouveau

Art Nouveau

Where are you?

Oh sweet bouquet .0784

227/365 - Recreate Into the light - #ArtNouveau flickr friday Art Nouveau?

222 (8.10)

Stationshal Hoofdstation,Groningen stad,the Netherlands,Europe

The Gateway of India Montréal, Qc. - Resto L'Orient-Express

Art Nouveau

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #ArtNouveau. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

FlickrFriday invites you to imagine in a bigger scale. The landscapes and moments you share with us every week belong to the core of the group. You let us have a wonderful takeoff and we invite you to keep sharing the best of your shots.

Dreams are a big part of imagination and you showed us the connection where the ethereal spirit surrounded your art. Delicate shapes and pale colors were part of the prominent factors. Images like nature embracing life, flowers in different patterns or old memories about Vienna and Gustav Klimt were part of this beautiful collection. You can see, enjoy and share more of your submissions at the Flickr Friday group pool.

When the time of waking up from this fantastic dream arrives, we invite you to prepare your imagination because we know our next theme: #TheFinalFrontier will be challenging. Get your camera ready and start exploring new worlds. The next selection of your images will be showcased right here on the Flickr Blog next Friday. If you would like to invite your friends to take part in this week’s challenge retweet us or share our status.

Photos from Garry966, Daniel Barrera, Expressions by Christine, Marianne L.G., Leah Gunn, chezabela, Laura, Kalyna Harasymiv, Aheroy(2Busy), Debmalya Mukherjee, MFrance, and CoolMcFlash.

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