Astronaut’s astounding ISS mission photos

Waiting for a target… (2/2)

Like a Mondrian, fields in Kansas, USA The eye of Mordor? No, not Middle Earth, just Earth…

Sea, sand and clouds imitate a star forming nebula in the Caribbean Like swimming pools, in the middle of the Pacific, the atolls of French Polynesia

Maybe one day our  settlements on Mars will look like this…

Space Invaders in the desert?

A snowy peak near La Paz, Bolivia, reminds me of a white poinsettia! And then, a rose in the middle of South Pacific

Amazon Rainforest rivers end their course in the Atlantic at sunset. As we fly over Peru, the clouds from the ocean reach into the valleys, like fingers grabbing the land.

In Madagascar, a river creates an astounding web of colors Like hands raised to the sky: the waters of Bahamas take my breath away yet again

Columbus is visible in the reflection

ATV-4 homing in on the Station

Sicily: an island of light, a lighthouse for a space travelerKEEP FOR 10 AUGUST The Mediterranean, the Pleiades and a storm in the distance…

Our window on the world

Straight from the 80s: sweat doesn’t go anywhere, so we wear a headband – forget fashion! A bit of relax after a long day – hopefully without disturbing anyone else’s

Getting water after sport

Sunday dinner with the crew

Space paparazzi!

Thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA), a photostream shared by Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano documents his six-month Volare mission at the International Space Station (ISS). Parmitano provides extraordinary views of Earth’s geographic features and candid shots of a cosmonaut’s daily life, including a selfie shot during his first spacewalk and floating over colleagues at Sunday dinner. Seen from the “window of the world” spot on the ISS, a Bolivian snowy peak resembles a snowflake and a South Pacific budding storm appears like the top of a white rose. The sights captured in his mission photos are nothing short of astounding, and we look forward to seeing more from his expeditions.