World Heritage Site: Rice terraces of China

Sunrise at DuoYiShu Rice Terraces, China 多依树日出

Not an inch is spared

Yuanyang 40

Yunnan III (Feb. 13) Yuanyang-Xinjie

Yunnan 云南 Yuanyang 元阳县 Laohuzui 老虎嘴 terrasses de Baoshanzhai 保山寨 travaux dans les rizières

As one of the newly inscribed properties on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, the rice terraces in Yunnan, China, produce a visually striking agricultural landscape built by the Hani people for over 1,300 years. It’s a harmonious environment, where 82 villages continue to thrive from farming the cascading irrigation system and manage a sustainable ecology.

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Photos from loraineltai, snoreis, jtan4, Syydehaas, and mekong69.