Crepuscular Rays

Heavenly Mailbox

Morning Mist in the Presidio

Crepuscular rays are an atmospheric effect where rays of sunlight appear to stream through gaps in clouds and other obstructions. The effect occurrs most frequently at dawn and twilight.

meditation on light

While the rays appear to converge on the sun, they are in fact parallel and only appear this way because of perspective.

Magic light

Another related effect are crepuscular shadows. This is particularly notable in foggy conditions, where strong sunlight casts the shadows of objects into the fog.

The Waterfall of Light

    Fog Shadow of Sutro Tower   cloud_shadows

marine building, vancouver

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Photos from Malcolm MacGregor, fksr, David Mor, Lucas Janin, Conor MacNeill, Mila, Phillip Isola and tilo driessen.

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