Freelensing is a technique where a photograph is taken with the camera lens physically separated from the camera body. Because it just uses the lenses you already have, it is virtually zero-cost. This unpredictable but creative approach creates beautiful light leaks, and tilting the lens even a modest amount turns the in-focus area volume into a wedge, allowing for shots with unconventional depth-of-field.

acoustic freelensing 5

Freelensing yawwwwww



Every light has a story

A high vantage point and careful placement of the lens can be used to create the illusion of miniaturizing the scene below, emulating the effect achieved with tilt-shift lenses – all without the need to fake the effect in post-processing.

Smooth Sea

Final Inning

Photos from Pierre Pocs Photography, Muhammad Barrrrnnneey, onemor_etime, Daniel, Marina Nozyer, Sebastian Angulo and Jacob Waites.

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