Swiss superstars of architecture

Messe Platz - Basel


Messe Basel


Bridge of the Starship H.M. de Young

de Young Museum

IWB Basel Marathon 2013

Fórum Barcelona, Espanha

Cottbus Library

03_76 Santa Cruz - TEA

40 Bond Street no. 06

Spain - Barcelona - Barcelona Forum skylight v3

Prada Boutique Aoyama | プラダ

Brought to you by the letter E

München - Allianz Arena

Elbe philharmonic hall Hamburg

Elbe Philharmonic Hall - under a dark cloud

Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron created an architectural firm (founded in 1978) that’s garnered international awards for designing a prolific set of over a dozen major buildings known for their latticework and unconventional facade constructions. One of the more recent projects, finished in Feb. 2013, is a new hall of the Messe Basel, located in their hometown of Basel, Switzerland. It’s prominent feature, an exterior “puntured” atrium, begs to be photographed. The woven texture and curvaceous opening frames the sky for amazing abstract photos.

Explore more of their works in the Herzog & de Meuron Designs gallery and Herzog & de Meuron group.

Photos from Giovanni Gentili, trevor.patt, archidose, msman, M. Kamran Meyer, Steven Hien, ritsch48, Pedro Kok, Miradortigre, k_man123, samuel t ludwig, Darrell Godliman, harayu, 1yen, Bardazzi Luca, bcmng, and claude05.