#FlickrFriday: Hotel California

Flickr Friday

HOTEL ENTRANCE Hotel California from the Eagles

Hotel California (Wisconsin Style) … she lit up a candle and showed me the way...

Hotel California Welcome to the Hotel California

(H/M)otel Zean

Bring Your Alibis

# Our last Flickr Friday theme was #HotelCalifornia. This is a selection of our favorites from your submissions.

Memories came across from all of your submissions. You shared with us some lyrics related to the band The Eagles and found the way to express them in a couple of metaphores. You can start the trip from a snowy beach to the warm candle light in a hotel room. Have a look, enjoy and share more of this theme in the Flickr Friday group pool.

We want to thank you for the galleries of favorites that you’ve been sharing with us. Check them out and feel free to share yours with us too.

For our next theme we want you to focus on the most important things in life because it will be about #TheBestMemoryOfMyLife. We are sure that suddenly all the images from the most special moments in your life just appeared in front of you. Choose your favorite one and share it with us in the Flickr Friday group. The selection of the week, will be showcased right here on the Flickr blog. And if you want to invite your friends to take part in the challenge you can reteweet us, or share our status.

Photos from Allenda Simpson, Alastair Eccles, Franz Walter, Tom Landretti, Dondu.Small, CoolMcFlash, _palmera_, Joao Otavio Dobre Ferreira, Khánh Hmoong, and Randy Heinitz.

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