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Today, we’d like to introduce you to a wonderful project called the hours. It was initiated by a group of 33 photographers that met right here on Flickr.

" We are 33 women strong, and have remained in contact with each other through Flickr, Facebook, and Instagram over the last 4 years. Towards the end of 2013 a few of us posed the idea of starting a blog where we could all connect as a group, and the hours was born."

This month they start with 7am (so images posted in January will be taken between 7am and 8am) and will then be moving through the day by an hour each month: to 8am in February, 9am in March, and so forth. Each month’s post is updated every Sunday.

"We hope that posting images taken in different places around the world, but at the same time of day, will both celebrate the diversity of our lives and bring us together as we share glimpses of our daily activities."

A great part of the project is that the friends invite you to join them right here on Flickr by sharing your images in the the hours Flickr group – so if you’d like to participate, take a shot between 7 and 8am this month and post it to the group. We’ll be following the project very closely.

Photos from j*lewis, amy bader, María T Pons, and MamaOwlPhoto.

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