Finalists of winter scenes contest

Last month, Yahoo News hosted a winter scenery contest for U.S. photographers on Flickr. Now that it has come to a close, we’d like to thank the 358 contestants who shared over 700 photos. The panelists admit the judging was challenging, especially because of the widespread and impressive high-quality of the photography submitted.


David Renwald earns first place with his “Placid Coyote” photo: “Coyotes lead a tenuous life among the wolf packs in Yellowstone National Park,” Renwald, of Portland, Ore., told Yahoo News. “This female and her mate were hunting on frozen ponds when she decided to sit on the edge of the rushes and scan the landscape and maybe listen for a wolf howl. I watched her for quite a long while and then had time for only two photographs before she trotted off. The temperature that day reached a high of minus-18 degrees.”

The runner-ups:

Snow Day in Central Park

Rebecca Adler, “Snow Day in Central Park”

Winter Sun

Anna E. Cramer, “Winter Sun”

Matterhorn Sunrise

Ritu Vincent, “Matterhorn Sunrise”


Paul Cockrell, “Clearing-Storm”

Congratulations to all these winners! For more details, visit the contest results on Yahoo News.