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Sochi Blog: Welcome to Sochi!

Олимпийский огонь в Краснодаре

The "Bolshoy" Ice Dome, where a majority of the #Sochi2014 hockey games will be played

Olympic park view from 8-stories up. Fisht on left Bolshoy on right, Black Sea in distance #Sochi2014

2014-02-04 20.00.57

 The Fire of Hope

My New T shirts!!! & Bely Mishka, The Official Mascot Of Sochi 2014

PHOTO DAY: 07 FEB 2014

Sochi, Russia 2014

A number of Flickr members are sharing the Olympic spirit through their photography, and now there’s an opportunity to join them. If you’re in Sochi for the 2014 Winter Games, add your photos to our group at flickr.com/yahoosochi by including #Sochi2014 in your photo titles. And if you’re not there but want to show your love of the games, share your Olympic experience in photos, from rooting for your country’s team at a viewing party, to enjoying Olympics-inspired activities at home.

You can also explore more photos in the official Sochi 2014 Winter Games on Flickr and NASA Goes to the Winter Olympics set.

Photos from Diego Jimenez, Floret*, Evan Doherty, mikea_pearce, Dmitry Bushkov, Nancy Chow, guy urbaniak, Sochi 2014 Winter Games, and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.