#TwitterTuesday: Window


City Sentinels II

Tapiola swimming hall

Roundup 7/9: Halloween self-portrait ghostly window tone mapped

Windows to the world

Defenestration _MG_0096

A glimpse of Sky @ RIBA

Construction worker at Tanglang la on Sunday, India

Cabins area And it flew away...

You're Never Alone in Llandudno!

Windows can be open, closed, big or small — a simple opening in the wall that lets us discover a whole new world and touches our senses. Windows also show the unique personalities of the people decorating them: the weather outside, an everyday landscape or outstanding one. You made us perceive the world differently by showing us your amazing photos. Lean on the windowsill and take a moment to look at all the wonderful submissions whether they are of the world around us seen through a window or encourage us to imagine the life that takes place behind them.

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Photos from Phoebe_W, Sky Noir, Antti Tassberg, Brother O’Mara, gferry, chengkiang, _jwong, electro8, CardiganKate, sandeepachetan.com, JamesV34, Ashu Mittal, and Just_Bernard.

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