#FlickrFriday: The #TheBusStop Selection

The Bus Stop

Waiting for a bus Exeter High Street Bus Stop...

Hassle free.

Bus Stop Under Tungsten Lamp

busstop Waiting for...

Tag 181 "Bus-Stop" & "night"


l'arrêt d'bus  #Flickr Friday #TheBusStop # The Bus Stop : In the wind

The Busker Stop

Our last Flickr Friday theme was about waiting. Waiting to go to work, waiting to go back home, to go to school, or maybe to visit someone. People of all ages united by the same reason in the sidewalk: the bus will be coming soon. The theme was #TheBusStop, and these are some of our favorite submissions to the Flickr Friday group.

Many of you also took the time to pick your favorites and present them in the galleries of favorites thread that you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s never too late: We invite you to go through the pool, create a gallery of your favorite contributions and share it.

Photos from ?CoolMcFlash?, vpickering, BAKAEDAR, Nick.Bucci., CK The SICK, wiwikiwi, Ser Inqto, KatrinSchade, Rodger_Evans, emil antonowsky, virginiefort and Mandy968.

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