#TwitterTuesday: Handpuppet

Little girl playing with hand puppets on 4000 m altitude  in Peru

IMG_5131.jpg    Yay!


Self Portrait with Lion Hand Puppet

Puppet show   Vault 77 memento


Laura says it's a llama

This #TwitterTuesday was all about childhood memories! You played with the theme #Handpuppet, you showed us scenes from your past, whether it was a hand puppet, a puppet performance or just a glimpse of the subject that inspired you. It’s great to see so many pictures that remind us that all of us once were children!

As always, thanks to everyone who submitted a photo! We highly recommend checking out all contributions in the @flickr Twitter feed.

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Photos from picaddict, aaroncaley, ashleigh290, Hello i’m Wild !, Bill A, Mike McInnis, rmarvin4095, CoolMcFlash, and Adamk0310.

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