Welcome Preus museum to The Commons!

Lizzie Keown
From the album about the Amundsen-Ellsworth polar flight 1925


We are thrilled to welcome Preus Museum, the national museum of photography in Norway, to The Commons today.

The museum’s collections consist of Norwegian and international photography, albums, and various additional forms of images, cameras, and other technical objects which illuminate the historical development of photography. The museum has three galleries, one presenting parts of the collection: “A history of photography”, and two dedicated to temporary exhibitions. The museum also has a library of international standing, a photographic conservator who can offer state-of-the-art technical advice on the treatment and preservation of photographic materials, a museum shop and a café.

The museum is located at idyllic Karljohansvern in Horten, an hour’s drive from Oslo. The building was made suitable for museum purpose in 2001 by architect and professor Sverre Fehn and previously was a supply depot for the Norwegian Navy. The Royal Norwegian Navy Museum is located on the floors below Preus museum.

There are already 33 albums on Flickr, including a collection of Daguerreotypes, Cottonworkers and their lives photographed by Lewis Hine, photos from the Northern Norwegian area of Kirkenes by Ellisif Rannveig Wessel, Elisabeth Meyer’s travels to India in 1933, Dreamy Portraits by Julia Margaret Cameron, and Elisabeth Meyer’s travels to Alaska.

We hope you enjoy this new collection of historic photographs and invite you to contribute your knowledge to them through comments and tags.

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