Creator of ‘The Kelpies’

We spotted photos in Explore of a particular colossal pair of steel structures that opened to the public last month: “The Kelpies.” Located in Scotland’s Falkirk District, the giant 600-ton, 98-foot-tall landmark symbolizes the historical reliance on horses for Scottish economic and industrial development and also literally alludes to mythical beasts that can take the folklore form of water horses and roam the local lochs.

The Kelpies

The equine monument was a design first conceived by Scottish artist Andy Scott, who built the original sculptures of around 10 feet in height at his hometown of Glasgow. His originals where scanned by laser to accurately calculate and construct the larger versions.

The Kelpies - 3

Scott also has other public works, including the ones you see in photos here.

The Cob
Carmyle Heron

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